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Stroke, or Effect of Meditation?

This is part of my Meditation Journal Experience after the Flat-mind State became permanent.

I just got a great comment from Mike Kay about this TED talk that he said reminded him of an experience I had about 7 years ago after meditating. The video shows a while after I meditated, this was a day or two after. I wish I had another video to show exactly when it was.

The parallels are uncanny. I am sure I didn’t have a stroke at the time. I have had instances like this happen on and off, but not for as long as the one that I did a video about – here (click) – lasted. Since that experience, my brain has reached a flatline. It doesn’t act anything like it did more than seven years ago. Today it is absolutely still when I’m not consciously engaged in doing something. I’ve written about it many times here and talked about it in a couple of videos by now.

Or maybe it was a stroke and a series of mini-strokes each time it happened? No idea, but I haven’t suffered any of the usual stroke-like symptoms like loss of memory, the inability to use limbs, a drooping face, or anything like that.

It’s a little disconcerting to see this TED talk because the woman’s experience is SO similar to some of the experiences I’ve been through, however, my experiences like hers came mostly from being in the Jhanas, and not during this weird time where I couldn’t recognize what I was doing with the phone card or the phone.

UG Krishnamurti had a similar experience, as I recall. I’ll have to find the part in the book where he talked about it. He said he couldn’t link thoughts together. He’d smell something cooking and even helped his friend cook it. He asked over and over – what is it? It didn’t make sense to him that he couldn’t grasp what was going on. He called it the unlinked or de-clutched state of mind.

Anyway, here is the TED talk – have a listen, pretty interesting. Oh, and the woman who had the stroke is a neuroscientist!

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