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Thailand Meditation Coach (Coaching Services)

Thailand Meditation coaching is available, find out more inside.

Sawatdee Krup! (Thai for hello…) Meditation Problems? You can Book a Coaching Hour HERE if you know you need it. Are you having trouble with your meditation practice? Are you not reaching the initial goals you set, or does it feel like something is holding you back? Are you sure you’re even on the right … Read more

Meditation Catch-22

Meditation Catch-22 – Don’t Want the Experiences I was lucky when I began meditating. I didn’t have any illusion about what states I might reach, what levels. I didn’t study any of that, because I just couldn’t have cared less at the time I started meditation. To me, meditation was just an attempt at relaxation … Read more

The Feeling of Me (Meditation Journal)

What am I? Am I body and blood, muscle and bone?

This is part of my Meditation Journal Experience after the Flat-mind State became permanent. Alan Watts, one of my favorite speakers, has said that the feeling of ourselves, the feeling of the tangible self inside is nothing more than the muscular tension about the abdomen or chest area. I wanted to share with you what … Read more