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Body Dying Dream

This is part of my Meditation Journal with dozens of posts >

This occurred in about 1997.

I wake up from sleeping (in my dream). I go into the living room area in our apartment at Horizon Place Apartments in Tampa.

The blue table isn’t there. The sliding glass doors are open. It seems to have been storming outside – there is a lot of strong wind, the sky is lighting up as if thousands of lightning flashes were occurring in different parts of the sky –but I see no lightning bolts, just the light that would come from them. I’m kneeling on the floor facing the window. The dog isn’t there. I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep and came in there. I have a fever and I’m sweating, I’m really dizzy from seeing the light pattern. I realize that I’m going to die from this infection that is causing the fever.

As I sat there looking out the window I leaned back until I was laying down on my back. I felt the strangest thing…starting from my fingertips I felt all the life (or energy) start to move towards the center of my body. As it did so, I could feel the energy increasing towards the center of my chest around my heart. Not only could I feel it, but I could also see it! It was bright orange like flames, but in the form of a gas burning with no direction to it (just a mass of energy with no real form, except to say that it was rounded at the edges, not sharp).

It was like a mass of energy getting larger and larger as it came from the extremities of my body (though I felt nothing in my legs). As the energy did this I realized I was in the process of dying. My fingers and arms felt the energy drain out of them completely and became the most relaxed I’ve ever experienced it was an indescribable feeling.

As soon as the energy all reached the center of my body it started to raise up out of my body and my point of view was rising as well. I was looking at my body on the floor from out of the energy. I realized that I was using my soul to see because I had no eyes, they had died with the rest of the body.

My energy was being pulled upward, and the strength of the pull got harder and increased exponentially. Pretty soon, I thought, I’d have no way to stop it!!!! This really hit home that I was going to die, and I panicked and screamed no, I want to be with Fern, please God, don’t let her be lonely like this! Not Yet! The more I pleaded, the more the energy sank back down into my body, and the more I felt the feeling come back into my body.

When the energy did all come back into my body (and my point of view changed so that now my soul and energy were inside my body) I jumped off the floor, crying and yelling for Fern (who had no idea what happened). I held onto her leg and tried to explain what had happened, but I fell asleep. Then I woke up (for real) and wondered if I had told her or not. I layed there debating whether or not to tell her and waking her up to tell her. Then I just slowly drifted back into consciousness that everything that just happened was a dream.

This dream was extremely realistic, as realistic as if I was awake…

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