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Early Meditation Session


I’ve made a commitment to dedicate some time to meditation a few times per week for an hour or however much time I have to do so.  I just finished an hour session.

I was able to stay focused on my breathing and on my own thoughts.  Outside noises didn’t interfere much at all after 10-15 minutes.  I was able to continue through the neighbor’s dog’s persistent barking without getting upset at all.  I was able to remain very still and comfortable throughout the hour.  I am really calm when I get out of it too.  Right now I feel a real sense of tranquility and evenness.  I am not high, nor low.  Just even and tolerant and unstressed.  I experienced the numbness stage today.  My hands were numb though almost the entire hour, and at one point I felt my mind try to leave the confines of my body.  At a couple points my body started to dissolve from feeling and all there was that existed was mind.  

I am going to read more about non-attachment tonight from either Thich Nhat hanh’s or one of the books that Dr. Supawanich gave me.  

I used “breathing in I smile to myself, breathing out I relax” for a bit, as well as one I made up, “breathing in I don’t attach to anything.  Breathing out I let everything go…”  I like this one a lot–it made me think of non-attachment a lot. 

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