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Odd Dream – Getting in Sync (Meditation Journal)

I’m a bit ill at the moment and took a nap after lunch. As I was falling asleep a picture came to mind.

There was a fluttering bug of some sort attached to something else larger that was also fluttering or pulsing or vibrating.

The feeling or the thought that came to me as I watched this strange image move in my mind was that I was vibrating too… and that if I wanted to learn about something beyond what I know now, I need to vibrate at the same frequency as what it is I’m trying to learn about.

Just a very quick scene and thought, and then I was sleeping.

Another odd experience.


Just FYI – I’ve never said anything about this topic. Vibrating at any frequency never made sense to me. Lots of new-age people say things like this, but I have not believed them or even known what they’re talking about.

This is part of my Meditation Journal Experience after the Flat-mind State became permanent.

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