Krabi Meditation Center | Thailand

Krabi Meditation Center

Our Krabi Meditation Center has been operating as a very low-key spot for people interested in meditation for over a decade. Located as part of a remote wilderness resort at the base of Krabi’s Phanom Mountains in Krabi Noi, this little hideaway has private bungalows for people interested in a meditation retreat atmosphere in Krabi, Thailand.

Meditation Instruction

Our center is more a place for people who already know meditation to come and have a quiet place to practice in relative seclusion. However, meditation instruction is available if you would like to make an appointment. Instruction is on an individual basis and is arranged as early as possible before your arrival (weeks in advance, at least please!). Use the email address you’ll find at the bottom of this page to inquire about availability, restrictions, reservations, and fees.

If you’d like to arrange instruction to help your meditation practice, you can be sure our instructor can help you with any issues. Attention issues? Would you like to focus on attaining Jhana? Do you have in-depth questions that nobody has answered satisfactorily for you in the past? You’ll have access to a well-known author of a series of top “Meditation for Beginners” books at Amazon, during your stay when you choose.

Meditation Self-Serve

The Krabi Meditation Center is ideal for people wishing to find a quiet (usually) place to meditate in seclusion at a wilderness location on the edge of Thailand primary forest. If you already know how to meditate – in whatever style you choose – feel free to let us know at the email below, and we’ll help you make your reservation and figure out your transportation needs in Krabi from the Airport, Bus Station, or other.

Come out for a few days and try it for yourself!

Bungalows & Facilities

We have a spring-fed pool to cool you off during hot days, and every bungalow has individual showers with hot water. Beds are covered with mosquito nets, and there are fans provided, but air conditioning is usually not available (only 1 unit has).

Food is made to order at the restaurant. The food is delicious and very reasonably priced, with most lunches costing no more than 150 Thai Baht or so. There are also budget options available, and vegetarian meals are possible when you make your preference known.

Krabi Meditation Center email for appointments and reservations.