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Meditation and ADHD – ADD

This was originally posted 30 Nov 2009.

[Updated 8 July 2021]

My mind has slowed down quite a bit from the ADD – ADHD mess it was in the past. I notice when I speak with fast talking people. I can’t keep up – nor do I try.

I notice when I sit at the computer and go half the speed I used to go. My internet connection is significantly slower and maybe that is helping the mind slow down too?

I’m attributing the reduction in ADHD – ADD symptoms mostly to meditation, and more specifically, the results of meditation since I rarely ever do it anymore. The changes have already been made inside the mind and I’m not sure that I could speed back up to the way I was in the USA – or not. Could I still be employed in the USA in this state? That’s a funny question. But, funnier still – I don’t know the answer.

I think I’m running at about 50% of what I used to in terms of speed of understanding and producing things, and multi-tasking.

If you think you or your kids might have ADD – ADHD you should drop by this ADHD kid site and find some articles about it. It’s one of my other sites. I’m quite interested in the topic and will be growing the information there over the next few months.

Recently I wrote a book about meditation being the cure for ADHD.

You can find it here for free.

🙂 Vern


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