Meditation for Beginners – Book is Finished

Meditation for Beginners - Secrets for Success book by Vern Lovic

First good edit is finished on the new book, and I’ve sent it to the editor to work her magic. I’m so glad to be nearly finished with this second meditation book. It is exactly what I wanted to say about the subject, and I hope it will be well received.

I will be selling this ebook at Amazon and here at Jhana8. The price will be very affordable, probably just $3.99.

4 thoughts on “Meditation for Beginners – Book is Finished”

  1. Started the book yesterday. Good read so far!

  2. I just finished your book. Thank goodness it popped up under Buddhism. I have a broken right hand right now so if I screw up words that is why. I was over joyed by your book. Mostly because I really didn’t want to get into a religion as I just got out of one I was born into.

    I am excited to start. I had things happen to me as a child that I can’t understand like flying down the stairs at a young age and stomping my foot on the floor to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming it. We only had one bathroom thus the reason to go downstairs in the middle of the night. Also I remember walking through a solid door in this same house as a young child. At the time, as I grew older, and talked to some people who believed in outer body experiences, I was told my mind was not closed to the notion at that age. I got into a series of tapes from a place in Virginia called Monroe Institutes which took you to Pandora’s box where you would leave all your thoughts to achieve this out of body experience. My family wanted to do a wash of my home to get the devil out of my head. Now I’m excited to try meditation with hopes that I can stop my crazy mind from running away with my brain. I will let you know how it goes… with well regards.

  3. Hi Rhonda,

    I hope you get something great out of this book. Please note that meditation can exacerbate certain organic conditions and you may just need some medication to get that under control first. I’m not a doctor… you might not need anything at all. Do let me know how it goes. Cheers, Vern

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