Meditation for Beginners Ebook Updates

Meditation For Beginners - A 22 Day Program to help new meditators succeed.

I’ve made some revisions to the pages describing, “Meditation for Beginners – a 22 day course”. Click the book above to see the revised page.

Now you can see a full description of the book (imagine that!) and a free sample. If you wish, you can download a free 12 page sample of the ebook in PDF format.

I’ll be creating a series of videos that go along with the ebook – not sure when it will be complete, but I hope to get started today on the first one.

If you haven’t yet bought this $2.99 guide, you can now buy through Paypal here at the main page, or through, or at

If you buy through Amazon and give the book a fair review – fair, not necessarily long – I will give you the next book in the series – for free when it comes out. I’m anticipating about 2 weeks for that one. It will be, “Mindfulness for Beginners” and will also be available here for $2.99 as well as the other channels mentioned.

2 thoughts on “Meditation for Beginners Ebook Updates”

  1. This is not about the blog, it’s about your book “Meditation fo beginners”. I found the book to be very interesting, well written in lay terms and it did hold my interest a lot. Very easy to read and understand. Reading and understanding is a good thing. I went to Thailand in 1966 and took the temple tour in the capitol city. Beautiful temples. Yes I did enjoy you book very much. Thanks DonS

  2. Hi Don, Thanks so much for your comments! I don’t check comments here often, sorry about that… Yes, Thailand is pretty amazing. We’re still here – me, after 13 yrs. Did you try meditating after reading the book? And, which book? I have a couple now… Cheers man….

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