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Meditation Without Religion

Meditation without religion at

Basically, meditation without religion is what this site is about.

I keep saying I’ll be doing some videos soon… and perhaps I’ll start them today. I wanted to talk about what the whole idea behind meditation without religion on a video, and then go over some of the finer points of meditation that I think will help some people who might be stuck or confused.


Over a decade ago I followed a simple meditation process that led to the Jhana levels without even knowing what Jhana was. I hope I can help more people to meditate and experience some of the things that happen when the mind stops. It may well be the most profound human experience available to us. Copyright ©2020 All content written by .

One thought on “Meditation Without Religion

  • at 12:26 pm

    hi vern, nice to see the new looking jhana8 site. I often follow ur sites. i have tried meditation as you described in meditation course. Any changes in new book? I planning to get your book soon.

    ok. I’m not regular in meditation. sometimes I’ll do and sometimes not. after reading J.Krishnamurti’s books, I stopped meditating for a while.

    I have lot of questions about meditation.

    1. As J.K said who is the meditator?
    2. After reading much about meditation, the knowledge will insist on the experiences described?
    3. the same described experiences will come? if so it is the projection of the mind?
    4. if the mind stops, who is it with body?
    5. can we live (survive) without thought?
    6. among humans which holds the uniqueness (self?)

    waiting for your answers. you may mail to me.

    I thank you for sharing experiences regarding meditation. Great stuff. keep posting.


    Shahul Hameed.

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