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Mind Clutter 8-19-07

Mind Clutter:

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I sat and the mind was constantly nagged with light thoughts that grabbed the attention for seconds at a time. I sat about 20 minutes then stood up and did some walking meditation. This usually works well to do some walking meditation and then sit again. Not at all sure why that is… The mind seems to calm down more easily doing this.

For the next hour, I was mindful of everything I was doing, and was in the present moment, not thinking about the past or future. Sometimes if the mind won’t calm after 15 or so minutes I just practice mindfulness throughout the day.

No sense sitting for very long with thoughts flying around chaos-like.


Over a decade ago I followed a simple meditation process that led to the Jhana levels without even knowing what Jhana was. I hope I can help more people to meditate and experience some of the things that happen when the mind stops. It may well be the most profound human experience available to us. Copyright ©2020 All content written by .

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