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No Mind (Thailand Meditation Journal)

This is part of my Meditation Journal I wrote while in Thailand. You can find dozens of more posts like this.

Thailand Meditation Journal Date: 8-23-07

A feeling of no mind came today.

I sat for 30 minutes last night before I slept. Before I meditated I was in a state of ‘no mind’ or no thoughts before sitting down for some time – an hour or so. I decided to sit and just have no thoughts. I didn’t record a video… nothing to talk about. I just sat and had no thoughts. I had awareness of things going on around me. At times some thoughts started to germinate, but when I realized a thought was forming I switched back to no-thought mode.

I’ve had this ability for some time now since meditating back in 1998 – I can just switch thoughts off and focus on the present for a few seconds or a few minutes. I’ve not done it longer than 20 minutes, but i’ve not tried to go longer. This seems to have become permanent or semi-permanent now. i don’t need to meditate, the state is always there.

Update: 6/15/09 – I’m in a continued state of no-mind or… rather no thought for the last couple of months now.. 2 solid, and off and on for 6? 8? Not counting – would need to go back and look at the journal. I can do things – I can work on the computer and talk to people, exercise, etc… but, when I stop the mind goes blank. Do you know how if you stop doing something your mind is still running and thinking thoughts? Mine isn’t. A strange state – is this what it will be forever?

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