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1-Hour Online Video/Chat Meditation Coaching Service from Thailand – 2024

Sawatdee Krup! (Thai for hello…)

Hi, I’m Vern Lovic. I’m an American meditation author and coach living in Thailand for the last 19 years. I began meditation in 1997.

Meditation led to an amazing journey for me. It wasn’t a journey I planned on, but the results have been stunning.

Almost immediately, my life began changing as I became much more: Relaxed. Balanced. Compassionate. In Control of my Emotions.

Meditation can make changes in you that you’ve never dreamed possible. I see this so often with my students. Why can’t you change your life as well?

It just takes a little effort and maybe a phone call.

Meditation problems? (we all have them)

You may have tried meditation in the past. Maybe you have a practice going now.

If there are any uncertainties you have about your practice, I’d love to talk to you about it and help you work through it!

Could you benefit from a 1-Hour meditation coaching call to clarify your practice?

  • Do you meditate now? Are you 100% sure you’re on the right path?
  • Have you meditated in the past and want to restart your practice?
  • Do you have some issues in your meditation practice that you’d like to talk to someone about and get clarity on?

Let’s Try It.

It’s just an easy chat where I listen to you explain your practice and where you want to go with it. We’ll clarify goals. We’ll come up with a plan to get you on a good path. If there’s something I can’t help you with, we’ll end the call and there is no charge for the call.

Oh, and I’ll give you any of the 4 meditation/mindfulness books I’ve written (PDF).

Fair enough? 🙂

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