Wat Nong Pahpong Buddhist Temple – Warin Chamrap, Thailand

Here is a video overview of one of Ajahn Chah’s Theravada Buddhist temples in the forest tradition located in Warin Chamrap, in Thailand’s Northeast (Isaan) region.

Ajahn Chah is one of my favorite Buddhist teachers. I have two Thai favorites, the other is Buddhadasa Bhikku from Wat Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, Thailand in the South.

Wat Non Pahpong is a quiet temple still covered in trees. I walk around and show you the grounds and talk a little bit about it.

Foreigners who speak Thai can possibly stay at this temple if ordained. The Thai monks here don’t speak much English, but I did meet one monk on one of my previous visits that spoke enough to get by in general conversation. Your Thai would have to be pretty good to stay here as all teaching, all communication is in Thai.

Enjoy the video of Wat Nong Pahpong – go visit if at all possible. Just walk around, meditate in the hall… quite a peaceful place for meditation.