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Short Dream: I’m in the Way (Thailand Meditation Journal)

This is part of my Meditation Journal Experience after the Flat-mind State became permanent.

I just remembered this dream last night, though I had it about 2 weeks ago. I thought I wrote a txt file for it – like I usually do for odd dreams but I can’t find it just now. I’ll try to remember. Wait, maybe better to search my email – as I’m sure I wrote it down somewhere.

No, not there. Ok, here goes.

It was a short dream. I was standing up outside. I was leaning back slightly. There was a force holding me up – as the wind would if it were very strong, but there was no wind – just a force.

It was coming from behind and pushing through… it was as if, if I let go – it would push straight through me and blow the body apart into pieces.

There was little feeling of the body at the time – and the tiniest sense of it – was all that was left of ‘me’. I guess if that got out of the way – this force would explode through me.


When I was meditating often, I would have dreams that related to my meditation practice. I don’t know if most people do but if you have had any, please tell me about them in the comments.

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