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Sphere (Orb) of Light in My Hotel Room

Hotel room where floating orb of light (sphere of light) was seen.
This is the exact room and view I had as the orb entered my hotel room in Surat Thani, Thailand. This is shortly after the orb had gone, and I had already jumped behind the bed – waiting for what I thought must have been ‘ball lightning’ to explode. ©Vern Lovic

Floating Bubble of Light (White Orb) in my Hotel

I’m surprised I haven’t written about this experience here before. It’s a weird one. I mean, it’s really the oddest thing that ever happened to me. That’s saying something if you’ve read my accounts of Jhana and Abhinna.

This one, I’m not sure what it was. I wasn’t meditating. Wasn’t drunk. Wasn’t under any influence at all. I wasn’t even tired. I was wide awake and it was around 5 pm. I was at a hotel called Liam Sai Hotel in Suratthani province, Amphur Muang (center of the province), the capital. I was on the fifth floor. I was staying alone.

The air was on. There was a storm far away, I could see out the window some very dark clouds. It was raining lightly outside the windows of my room.

The air conditioner started a strange sound. It was as if the power was surging, then dying, but there was a lot of noise as it happened. I looked up in fear, expecting the unit to catch fire any second. The remote was on the counter near the TV and I didn’t get up to get it, just watched.

There was no smoke. Then the sound stopped after some seconds. I stared some more, then went back to looking up stuff on Craigslist Thailand. I was laying on the hotel room bed with the computer plugged in. I had just eaten a pizza and had an orange drink in a bottle.

In a short time (seconds), I noticed a bright light flashing either in the window or just outside the window. It was at the furthest part of the window from my face.

I stared intently, thinking, oh no – this is electricity! I was sure the room was going to catch on fire.

In seconds, the light was coming into the room. Though unformed and amorphous outside the window, once it began coming through the window, it was as if it as a liquid bubble of light.

Do you know when kids have a huge plastic loop they’ve dipped in a big plate of bubble liquid? The meter-long plus bubble of light was just like that. As the last bit came through the window, it all joined up with the front of the bubble. As it did, a perfect white sphere formed.

I mean perfect. Perfectly round. No undulations. No difference in the whites. No shadows. It appeared lit from within, but the white was perfect all over the sphere. After it left I remember thinking that the white was so pure, and so bright, like the brightest snow I’d ever seen. But pure white. Untainted. The most perfect white sphere I’d ever seen. There was no shine off it, no gloss. It was more matte – but so bright, that, if brighter, it would have been difficult to look at.

It made no noise. There was no sparkling of the sphere. I felt no heat. I saw no reflection of it off the pillar about .5m away from it.

It was about 1.5 meters off the ground.

It moved toward me about 1 meter. It stopped about 1.5 meters from my face. About even with where my feet were.

It hovered there in the air. Didn’t move the slightest bit.

I stared at it, trying to remember every detail of the event because it was easily the most fantastical thing that had ever happened in my life to that point.

I felt nothing as I watched it. I thought nothing. My mind went straight to flat-line mode as I stared. Was it looking at me? I hadn’t the slightest idea. I didn’t see any details in the white. It was pure and lit from within, or was some kind of light source itself.

Then, at some point, I realized it was gone. It just wasn’t there anymore, and I came to this sudden realization. It hadn’t exploded, shrunk down to nothing, dissolved, popped out, or leave back through the window. It was just not there. That is the part I still cannot come to grips with. I have a loss of time. I don’t know how long, seconds or minutes. Only that I must have lost consciousness for a brief time because I didn’t see the sphere disappear or go. I was just aware that it had gone.

The sphere didn’t tell me anything. It didn’t plant a voice in my head. It didn’t give me some knowledge. After three years I’ve asked myself over and over the reason it might have done what it did. If it was sent or came on its own for a reason, what possible reason?

Did it look into my mind? My soul? Did it make an assessment of some sort, and then go? Was it curious about what I was doing on the bed with the computer? Was it a spirit of one of my dead relatives or friends? Was it a ghost? A demon? An angel? Plasma? Something so outside of our experience that we have no name for it because it doesn’t exist here, it has never existed here?

On the internet, I read around 1,200 experiences of other people who have seen orbs. There wasn’t one that matched my experience. There is always some substantial difference. Usually, it’s that the orb is moving in erratic ways, or sparkles or makes a sound.

Nobody has ever said they don’t remember how it left the area. Nobody has ever said ‘white as the purest snow’. Only one guy mentioned ‘bubble of light’ – one of the guys at the Rendlesham Forest incident in the United Kingdom, Larry Warren. He said a bubble of light came off the craft he was looking at, then it split into 3 beings that were like children – about a meter high.

What Do I Think about the Orb?

Along with the Abhinna that revealed an entity of some sort within and then above the carpet on my floor while in the fourth Jhana flat-mind state, this was just as or more mind-blowing. Had it involved my emotions, like the Abhinna experience, or a message from the orb – that would have set me on a lifelong search for answers. I don’t think I could go on living and doing normal things if that were the case.

For some people, it just takes seeing a disc in the sky, or a vision of some sort. I’m very objective and require proof for everything I read and see on video. My experiences were proof enough to me – because neither time – the orb or the Abhinna – was I in an altered state, affected by alcohol, sickness, emotionality, or anything else. It was as normal as today is, sitting here on my computer typing this out. It just happens that simply, but is so extraordinary.

I do hope I can again experience the orb or Abhinna, or even something else I can’t fathom. The effect on my life of these experiences and a couple more of the Abhinna experiences has been that I now know absolutely that there is something more to this world that we all take for granted.

There is something either here, or that visits occasionally, or there is some other level or dimension to us here that we are not typically aware of. Odd experiences happen to people all over the world.

There are few things I can believe wholeheartedly that I see on YouTube, but the kids in South Africa who saw a saucer land, and beings, in the field at their school – and the analysis by psychologist John Mack, is one. Another is the Barney and Betty Hill case – the most fantastic story of abduction, and it was the first one to really blow up the subject. The fact that Betty drew a star diagram that nobody could figure out for years, and then someone did figure it out – and it shows a star system where the beings told her they came from – is hard to accept, but hard to disbelieve as well.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s strange silence after returning from the moon is interesting, and some have attributed to him remarkable things he said about what they found there (massive ships that were warning us off the moon). I never knew him, so cannot make a judgment on that, but it’s definitely interesting.j Interesting too is why we haven’t been back to the moon over and over and over.

I find interesting the case of the three fishermen who went to Allagash, Maine (USA) to camp and fish. Look up the “Allagash Abductions” for a remarkable story. What happened to their lives afterward is startling – artistic and scientific interest and ability they never had before.

Of course, all of the military generals and colonels who have told their stories, are very hard to ignore.

There is something, or maybe many things, that are interacting with us here as they wish. Are they doing genetic samples and engineering? Did they make us? Are they interested in our well-being? Some of them seem to be. The kids in Africa said they received messages from the beings about taking care of the environment.

Makes some sense to me. Humans are doing a horrible job in the world. It comes out of our selfishness. We were created a certain way. Or, the conditions that evolved to create us were created in a certain way which ensured we evolved to be self-interested at the expense of others. When given the chance, some of us do just that.

This is part of my Meditation Journal Experience after the Flat-mind State became permanent.

2 thoughts on “Sphere (Orb) of Light in My Hotel Room”

  1. I have had a sphere in my living room on more than one occation . One time i came wide awake all at once. There was a small ball right in front of my eyes. I think that i scared it. It went straight back and disappeared. Not sure what it was, I think they might be interdiminsinal. I do not sleep in my bedroom anymore. Had a woman whisper in my ear one night and could feel her behind me. I have had so many things happen in this home since i bought it 22 yrs ago.
    Haven’t talked about it much. Afraid people would think i was nutts.

  2. I think good to tell someone about it anyway. I think that many others will experience something similar and when they do, they’ll feel better about it knowing that you have also had something odd like that happen. 😛

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