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What is the Point of Nirvana? 9-27-07

This is part of my Meditation Journal where you can find dozens of more posts like this.

9-27-07 Today I climbed the steps at the mountain at Wat Tham Suea again. A Thai boy of 8 years old kept up with me as we sort of raced to the top from steps 300 to 1200. At maybe 30 steps away from the top he was exhausted and had to stop to rest. I stopped a little ahead of him and waited for him to catch up so he could be the “winner”. I stayed at the top for a couple hours, at times sitting… and other times standing and walking around… I decided to climb into the rocks that the monk showed me the other day. (Video link at bottom of page). There were a few too many people at the top of the mountain and I thought I’d try that quiet spot in the rocks.

As I climbed over through the jagged limestone rocks someone called out in Thai, “Tum Mai Dai kup”. I called back, “mai chai, die kup”. (You cannot do that) and I responded, “Not true, I can do this”. To which he didn’t respond. I’m sure he was concerned about my safety as the rock peaks are treacherously sharp.

I reached the place and folded my long-sleeved shirt underneath me. I took off my shirt because I wasn’t visible from the Chedi observation area and it was quite warm in the sun.

I sat about an hour and the mind was very calm. The body, while still “there” felt very relaxed and comfortable. As I sat I realized that some questions were on my mind.

WHY MEDITATE to reach nirvana? What good is it? Is there a point? Is it a good thing?

I decided to study that question in the state I was in… attention and concentration came quickly and I reasoned out an answer within maybe 30 minutes.

There really is no point to any of it. Yeah, surprisingly that’s the conclusion that I came to. There’s much too much to write about it – but, I’ll create a video or at least some audio to explain how I came to that conclusion.

Here are the 3 files that explain all of it… The first is my history of meditation – what happened in the past and what exactly I did. What the Jhanas were about, and why I stopped meditating for about 9 years.

This next file is a video I took in mid-September where I was unsure what I’m doing by restarting meditation. I am not sure WHY meditation or reaching nirvana is a good goal. What is the reality of it? I couldn’t reason it out that well here, but I had a lot of questions about “WHY”.

The file above explains what the thought process was at the top of the mountain as I asked myself “WHY” in the relaxed, concentrated state of mind… and the answers that I reached…

The last file, another MP3 audio file looks at why I believe there’s no point in reaching enlightenment, and what I’ve learned by having Jhana come… how the mind and ego have changed…

I don’t believe thatmeditating at this point is a good thing for me. For others, it may be… If you meditate and you reach a point where you are relaxing the mind and you are not going into Jhana much or at all you may find meditation very relaxing and a positive thing to do and keep up with.

I found it to be a life changing experience. The changes that came over me 9 years ago were devastating to my marriage at the time… they destroyed the ego for a time. They gave me a glimpse into nirvana and what happens when the mind stops thinking and reacting emotionally. I understood what it means to lose the ego. to find equanimity. peace… bliss…

For me, the changes that took place, and that I believe will take place again if I continue to meditate are too radical for me to take lightly. I had to really ask myself – what is the point of this…? I had to ask myself, if you really reach nirvana – WHAT THEN? Nirvana seems a very real possibility in my mind right now, considering all I’ve experienced recently… The process seems to have picked up where it left off.

Nirvana has been said to be a permanent change in the mind… a letting go to the point that there is no longer suffering because the mind doesn’t attach to anything…

That’s why I needed to question – what good is that state?

My answers are in this recording. enjoy… if you have any questions, send to:

🙂 Vern

This is part of my Meditation Journal where you can find dozens of more posts like this.

3 thoughts on “What is the Point of Nirvana? 9-27-07”

  1. Maybe I can offer some thought on this matter. With Nirvana one can separate themselves from the suffering, yet this does not necessarily mean that they must live a life of meaninglessness. When I read this post I sense fear. Fear that your life will become pointless. Yet Nirvana can be a tool. A tool for truly pursuing something very rewarding and meaningful. Be it, working towards world peace or mentoring that small Thai child and making his life great. Peace and love dme

  2. You need to reach a state where you could see at least 100 of your past lives and then you would see the
    reason for Nirvana.
    Monks cried when they reach that state and see their past lives and how they had suffer through out
    the aeons and you would too if you could do the same
    Most people do not understand what exactly suffering is esp when it come to westerners without the concept of reincarnation.
    Most monk studied alot of the sutras and then do meditation and if they reach highest jhana , they will need to fall back on what they had studied.
    You are lucky,due to your past life,that you reach jhana .You need to do the reverse that is fall back on the books

  3. Thank you for your message Tan… I liked what you said… The monks here in Thailand have said the same. There are some guidelines that I could follow… the sutras mention them. I just don’t feel a desire to do them. I don’t feel pulled to do them. I am curious. I just cannot find any motivation in me to seek something out any longer. It’s good that I have what I have. I’m not sure I’m supposed to do more. If I am, then someday the motivation will come I guess.

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