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What is the Point to Your Life?

If you’ve ever asked yourself – ‘What is the point of my life?’ You realize soon that it might just be the most important question you could ever ask yourself.

But few do.

When you answer that question you’re answering what it is that is most important for you to focus your entire life on – for 70 years or so. Is there one focus, or many? What are they?

I wrote a post a while back – 3 years back, in 2007 about “What is the Point of Life?” and it received a lot of attention. Apparently there is a real lack of information or conversation about this topic and some people think it’s important enough to search “point of life” in Google to see what’s out there.

My post talked more about me personally and my experience with meditation – and I think had to be rather boring for most – but still there are almost 150 comments on the article.

I decided to create an ebook about this important subject and am almost ready to publish, “What is the Point of Life?”

Ebook contributions accepted for "What is the Point of Life?" to be published in April
Add your opinion about the point of your life to this ebook - click the book for details.

If you have any interest in sharing with us your personal idea of the whole point of your life – the focus of your life you can do so, and I’ll publish it in the ebook when it’s released in April.

Write a couple sentences, or up to a couple pages – up to you!

Send to: AimforAwesome@@@gmail…com

You’ll receive a credit for your entry – if you want. You can include any info you want including link to your website. You will receive a free copy of the ebook when it’s released.


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