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Some Old Meditation – Experiences Videos

I got an email from “Mike” in Vancouver that was hoping I’d be able to fix the video links on one of my websites so he could see them. This led to me looking through an old computer and finding some videos that I don’t think I’ve posted here or maybe anywhere before.

Of particular interest (to me) is the first one. This is from 2007. This video was taken after a meditation experience I had in which the mind really had a qualitative change to it. I didn’t know as I was filming the video, that the state of the mind, the blankness, the peace, or emptiness, would continue even through today as I write this. The mind is still in that same still state today. Kind of funny to see it was that many years ago, as I always just think of it as a year or two ago.

These will download to your computer to play. They are all scanned and have no virus. These are MP4 files and need a Mac computer, or video software that plays MP4 files – like QuickTime for Windows.

Anyway, enjoy these videos from a few years ago…

August 20, 2007 – Unlinked Mind, Ripples, and Still Mind

August 30, 2007 – Mind Stopped

Sept 02, 2007 – No Ego

Jhana 1 Video – the ultimate bliss?

2 thoughts on “Some Old Meditation – Experiences Videos”

  1. Amazing..!!! Makes me wonder if you’re familiar with Jill Bolte Taylors ‘Stroke of Insight’ ?? (link removed, no longer valid)

    The way she talks about the experience where she disconnects from her ‘left brain’ sounds similar to what you describe ( she talks about it from 06:30 to 14:06). If you have the time & haven’t seen it think you’ll find it interesting..


  2. I hadn’t seen that, but thanks for the link. I just watched it. It’s uncanny how similar that is to some of the jhana experiences. Very interesting the way she talks about the right and left sides of the brain and what they do. I figured out how to get 2 more videos up. These are MP4 versions, guess I’ll change them all to MP4. I’ll put them at this page – Videos of Experiences



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