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Meditation Retreats in Thailand

Here is a list of temples and other meditation centers by province, which offer visitors the chance to participate in a meditation retreat with knowledgeable practitioners – usually monks. Some offer short-term stays and/or self-guided meditation.

Please keep in mind, meditation systems and teaching styles vary, and at some locations, there is no instruction at all. Please also pay attention to whether English or your native language is spoken.

NOTE – I may launch a new CUSTOM MEDITATION RETREAT here in Krabi, Thailand. This would be at your convenience and we can create the experience with you to make it as beneficial as possible. This is for 1 person ideally, or a very small group of friends who can agree on a schedule with you! 😛

Did you see my Meditation Coaching page yet?

Here’s a little info – Custom Meditation Retreat? Coming in 2023-2024.

Bangkok Retreats

Chachoengsao Retreats

Chiang Mai Retreats

Chonburi Retreats

Kanchanaburi Retreats

Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) Retreats

Nong Khai Retreats

Pathumthani Retreats

Samut Prakan Retreats

Suphanburi Retreats

Suratthani Retreats

Ubon Ratchathani Retreats

UdonThani Retreats

More information about retreats in Thailand

3 Best Meditation Retreats in Thailand

Here is a video where I go over some of the best meditation retreat options foreigners coming to Thailand have. These are all places I know about personally and have experienced on some level. There are a couple of more meditation retreats located in Chiang Mai, and one in Koh Lanta, one on Koh Phangan I think too – but I don’t know anything about them.

Enjoy the video – I hope you choose one of these places to do your Thailand meditation retreat.