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Wat Suan Mokkh’s International Dhamma Hermitage Meditation Retreats

Here is a video overview of the International Dhamma Hermitage (IDH) Meditation Retreat site in Chaiya, Thailand as part of Buddhadasa Bhikku’s Wat Suan Mokkh Theravada Buddhist temple.

Each month scores (and sometimes over 100) meditation retreat participants make their way to the IDH for a 10-day silent retreat of walking and sitting meditation. The location is ideal, being over a mile from the main highway linking Thailand’s central and southern provinces.

This site is separate from (across the highway) the main Suan Mokkh Buddhist temple, but the same parent organization.

Enjoy the video – if you do go to do a ten-day retreat here, can you let us know about it in the comments section? Thank you…

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