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The Word ‘Seamlessness’ Describes the Underlying Reality

Thai girl showing seamless nature of reality, nothing is separate, all is one.

An online friend of mine whom I’ve never met came up with this word to describe a state of mind during my meditation that I was trying desperately to describe to her. It came to her in a split second and yet she insists she’s never used the word before to describe anything. Seemlessness works … Read more

Thailand Meditation Retreats

There are a number of meditation retreats offered in Thailand, here are some of the more well-established retreats. Thailand Meditation Retreats Wat Suan Mokkh (Suan Mokkhabalarama) Location – Chaiya, Thailand. Chaiya is just north of Suratthani province and can be reached by train or bus from Bangkok. Suan Mokkh temple is located right on Highway … Read more