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Recommended Thailand Meditation Retreats

A monk's kuti (hut) for living at Wat Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, Thailand.

There are several meditation retreats offered in Thailand, here are some of the more well-established retreat locations where you will likely have a good experience. If you’d like to know more about a self-guided (custom) retreat option, just let us know. Here is a list of all Thailand Meditation Retreats > Thailand Meditation Retreats Wat … Read more

Modern Day Dharma and Direct Knowledge – Is It Still Coming?

Ang Kek, from Malaysia, left a couple of comments on this site tonight and one of them struck me as profoundly important. What Is Dharma? Dharma is defined here as: 1. cosmic order or law, including the natural and moral principles that apply to all beings and things. A Dharma talk (dhamma talk) is a public … Read more

Separation from Society through Meditation

Today this one meditated in the morning on the spa. It was nice. The mind is quiet at this hour without having accumulated the garbage/candy that it does throughout the day. One found that a wanting for something to happen was present. One forced the body to sit without wanting. A peace was found, though … Read more

The Real Problem with Reaching Nirvana Through Meditation

[Last updated: 28 February 2020] Do you know anyone who is enlightened? Buddha showed us that it wasn’t all that difficult – it’s just a simple process of sitting and watching the breath. Why isn’t there anyone who is enlightened today? At least I haven’t met anyone. Have you? Sure you might have read about … Read more