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Meditation Experiences Videos

[Page updated 20 July 23.]

This is a series of videos about some of what goes on during meditation. I want to share with people some of the odd experiences that they might have because there are plenty of them – and all that I’ll list here are harmless… meaning, if you’re having them, you can keep having them – you are not losing your mind (going crazy).

It might seem like that, the experiences of the mind are tremendously powerful. They are life-changing. All the experiences shown in the videos below occur as a by-product of very simple meditation on the breath. Enjoy! If you have any questions – feel free to write me at the address found at the Contact page.

Video 1 – Some Basic Meditation Experiences.

Video 2 – Intense Concentration on the Breath. I mention something very strange here – that happened as a result of ultra-fine concentration on a very small point. If you experience anything like the experiences in any of the videos – please write me and let me know what happened for you…

Video 3 – Breath Slowing, Mind Stopping. What happens when the mind stops thinking thoughts? This video brings you to that point, and the following videos illustrate some of what might happen in your mind when it stops. It kind of opens the floodgates, in a way.

Video 4 – Fatness or Expansion of Body and/or Mind. When the mind stops, this is one of the experiences you might have. You might not have it at all, but some other people have reported having a feeling as if they are growing or expanding. I have had this feeling since I was a child when I came out of a sleep and was waking up in the morning. It happened often. I repeated the experience in meditation once after the mind stopped and I was ecstatic when it happened. It had been a mystery what it was all about prior to that!

Video 5 – Bliss, Overwhelming Joy, Ecstasy. An intense core emotional experience that, apparently, comes from within the mind – entirely.

Video 6 – Peace of Mind… Absolute Stillness.

Video 7 – Rock Solid – Centered or Planted Feeling

Video 8 – Coming Out of Deep Jhana – no thoughts, no desire to speak.

Video 9 – Not Enough Breath to Live – Dying

Video 10 – – The Abhinnas

Video 11 – Merging with Outside Force (like repelling magnets)

Video 12 – Being in the Moment (Corner of heaven bending down to touch you)

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