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Mindfulness For Beginners Book – By Vern Lovic

Mindfulness for Beginners book by Vern Lovic.
Paperback and eBooks available at Amazon.

Here is a book I’ve edited recently and put on the market at Amazon. It’s very simple and is the counterpart to my book, Meditation for Beginners – a 22-Day Course. It’s super simple and is a great introduction to mindfulness without anything complicated to interfere with your comprehension of the topic.

My learning and training about mindfulness was influenced in large part by Thich Nhat Hanh. To me, he is the true master of the subject and there isn’t any other teacher as well-versed in mindfulness.

In bringing you this topic, my usual style is to tell you plainly (realistically) about the subject of mindfulness without any of the fluff involved with Buddhism or any other -ism (belief system).

Click below to see it at Amazon, or you can click the book cover above for the print version… Thanks!

  • Print Version – coming soon, revising
  • Ebook 

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