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My Friend Sent this on the Simplicity of Life…

I got this very interesting message from my very intuitive friend, Maitland Kalton, on messenger this morning after I viewed a video he tagged me in months ago that I never got to watch! Good thing I got to watch it because he sent the following message full of gems that just came to him in a cave at a Theravada Buddhist temple good for walking or sitting meditation close to our home that I think is special to both of us.

* * *

Hi Vern. Thanks for looking at that old video (What is the point of life?). Listening to it after some 4 to 5 months, I was reminded of this that I channeled at the rear cave area at Wat Tam Seua on Monday…

Everything that you are and ever will be is within the bounds of these walls as it is also within your own heart. The sheer simplicity and peace within is an expression of all that is in you and everywhere. Breathe it in slowly and deeply and as you exhale, let the bonds of the outer world leave you. Just be with the silence and your own breath.

You are temporarily part of the movement and life in this place just as each and every plant and insect is the same in transition from one moment to the next. Each step, each moment has no essential meaning or purpose other than to lead to the next one and so on.

That is all there is to reflect upon. This is the assignment I am giving your subconscious mind – to reflect on the simplicity of life and reflect this in your work. Bring this peace and inner tranquility when you work in all ways, from your videos to your writing and other expressions of your heart and soul in the days and years to come.

Never leave this place in your heart – be here forever as you seek the fullest expression of the form you have taken temporarily for the betterment of your own existence and nothing more. The rest follows naturally without effort or purpose – it just unfolds, orchestrated by me at my will as befits the needs of the moment and nothing more.

Seek not purpose or fulfillment beyond this message. Seek only the revelation of what you may bring to this world as a gift before you depart it. Seek no attachment to a specific outcome and let that be my concern, not yours.

Now hold your breath one more time and release with it the attachments of your life till this point. Breathe in again now free from the past and be free always.

2019 Maitland Kalton

* * *

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