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Techniques for Entering Jhana

Entering the Jhana levels of Buddhist meditation requires a sustained and dedicated practice and mastery of certain techniques aimed at cultivating deep states of concentration and absorption. Here are some of the most well known techniques used to enter Jhana. 6 Methods for Jhana Entry Anapanasati (mindfulness of breath) – This is primarily the method … Read more

Benefits of Jhana Meditation

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Jhana Meditation Effects A simple meditation practice of focusing on the breath that eventually leads to Jhana brings many benefits to be enjoyed as fruits of the practice. Benefits of Meditation Jhana meditation offers many benefits for meditators, covering the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of well-being. These benefits are supported by both scientific research … Read more

What Is Jhana Meditation?

© Vern Lovic – Jhana meditation coach and author. [Page updated 22 May 2024] Jhana is a range of experiences that occurs when the mind is well-concentrated on some small object of meditation (for most, the breath at the nostrils). The body is totally at peace without tension, pain, or even feeling the body at all in the … Read more

The Eight Jhanas (Jhanas 1-4 and 4 Arupa Jhanas)

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Jhana Levels There are 8 different levels of Jhana – they differ in what makes up the experience. I wouldn’t say each one as they progress is better or worse but there is a decrease of factors comprising them as one goes further into them. They become less tangible. Less objective. There is less to experience. The early Jhanas … Read more

Rob Burbea’s Idea of the Jhanas

Meditation teacher Rob Burbea talks about Jhana.

Somehow I stumbled into a Reddit thread (who can’t when Google gives them the top 1 result for nearly every search!?) about the Jhanas and this Rob Burbea talking about it. I saw what appeared like a little follower group of him in some of the comments. They really liked what he was saying. I’m … Read more

ChatGPT on How to Attain Jhana Levels

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My questions and responses are bold and the answers by ChatGPT, an iteration of AI on the road to general artificial intelligence, on 29 Jan 2023 follow unbolded. Can you condense down the teachings of Vipassana to around 1000 words telling me how to reach the jhana levels? Vipassana, also known as Insight Meditation, is … Read more