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Meditation at Night vs Morning – Which Is Better?

Woman meditating at sunset at night looking at mountains.

It depends on you! That’s the short answer. I’ve meditated both at night and in the morning and at all times in-between. Sometimes I preferred one time of day, and other times I preferred another. Honestly, what mattered most was when I had time to do it and when would be the quietest space for … Read more

Is there a Phrase (Mantra) I should Repeat when Meditating?

Should I repeat a Phrase while Meditating? (Mantra) This is a good question. The main goal of meditation as you begin is to reach a place where the mind is not churning out so many thoughts. It will be impossible for you to concentrate on the full breath until your mind has calmed down a … Read more

Watching “Suffering” During Meditation

Suffering During Meditation… Watching Discomfort One set up the garage as a meditation haven today. The bug light is in there to take care of mosquitoes. The Buddhists in the forests have mosquito nets which don’t necessitate taking their lives–but this one doesn’t have the luxury. It was done in mindfulness. One drank some hot … Read more

A Quiet Place for Meditation in Thailand

I think there must be many people that are looking for a quiet place to meditate in Thailand – but they have no interest in attending a 10 day silent retreat, or any other guided retreat. These are most likely to be advanced meditators from various schools of meditation who are at a loss where … Read more