Staring Into Mirrors Meditation

I’ve mentioned this a number of times here on this site. For a couple of meditation sessions I sat staring into a mirror in my garage. It was a gigantic mirror and I could see my entire body clearly. I stared into my eyes, at my face, and at my body during the session and remarkable things happened. Patterns of a puzzle seemed to rearrange themselves – meaning – my body appeared to re-arrange itself in the mirror like a puzzle. It was fascinating to see, but there’s more.

At times my entire head disappeared. At times just my eyes, then my face… and then my entire body disappeared from my sight. It was a very weird thing to experience, but I just continued sitting to experience it.

Today, let’s see, about 17 years later we’re at now, someone studied people staring into the eyes of others and staring into mirrors. Interesting, right? Try it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Better if the light is dim and you’re sitting close to the mirror – so you can see your eyes. Better without wind or something else irritating your eyes. Your eyes should be nearly closed – but open enough to see yourself in the mirror.

Here are the two articles about something similar:

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Staring into a mirror > Oops, that one is behind a firewall for some research publication. If I find a good copy, I’ll post a link here.

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Odd Dream – Getting in Sync

I’m a bit ill at the moment and took a nap after lunch. As I was falling asleep a picture came to mind.

There was a fluttering bug of some sort attached to something else larger that was also fluttering or pulsing or vibrating.

The feeling, or the thought that came to me as I watched this strange image move in my mind was that I was vibrating too… and that if I wanted to learn about something beyond what I know now, I need to vibrate at the same frequency as what it is I’m trying to learn about.

Just a very quick scene and thought, and then I was sleeping.

Another odd experience.