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101 Curious and Bizarre Meditation Experiences

I’m in the final stages of editing my new book, 101 Curious and Bizarre Meditation Experiences!

This book describes many of odd and interesting experiences I had while meditating, and as the result of meditation.

Just to give you a taste of what is involved, here’s the Table of Contents.


Experience 1 – Enlightened Moment
2 Where Am I?
3 Tightly Squeezing Eyes
4 Hot or Cold Feet/Hands
5 Phantom Itches
6 Ringing Ears
7 Sexual Arousal
8 Dog Barking Shocks the System
9 Dog Barking is YOU
10 Something Crawling Out of Your Chest
11 Bliss, Sadness or Crying and No Idea Why
12 Breathing Out is Breathing In
13 Body Rocking
14 Energy Movements
15 Daydreams
16 Pain Disappears
17 Tingling Body Parts
18 Disappearing Body Parts
19 Frustration
A Note on Expectations
20 Body Disappears
21 Floating and Astral Travel
22 Barely Breathing
23 Breathing Stops
24 Wait, Am I Dead?
25 Whole Body Breathing
26 Pendulum Bum
27 Weight of the World
28 Missing Time
29 Sleep
30 The Fatness Feeling
31 The Cycle of Breath
32 Demon Images
33 Movie Time
34 Mind Torture
35 Centeredness
36 Mind-Merge
37 Expanse in Mind Opens
38 Body Parts Rearrange
39 Head Disappears
40 You Disappear
41 Things that Matter Don’t Matter
42 Silent for Days
43 Empathy3
44 Knowing the Answer to Everything
45 Choice of Emotional Response
46 Happiness in the Moment
47 Selective Responding
48 Carry Over Effects
49 Seamlessness
50 Ultra-High-Resolution Images
51 Key Image
52 Eating Meditation
53 Morality Changes
54 Two Heads Talking
55 Pain Has No Power
56 Pain Feels Good?
57 Mind Shift
58 Breathing Gets ‘Serious’
59 Full Concentration on the Breath!
60 Nimittas
61 Mind Expands to Body
62 Cone Head
63 Short Dream – I’m in the Way
Information about the Eight Jhanas
64 First Jhana
65 Second Jhana
66 Third Jhana
67 Fourth Jhana
68 Fifth Jhana – The Base of Boundless Space
69 Sixth Jhana – The Base of Boundless Consciousness
70 Seventh Jhana – The Base of Nothingness
71 Eighth Jhana – The Base of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception
72 Rollerblading Mind Shift
73 Rectangles Mind Shift
The Abhinnas
74 First Abhinna Higher Powers
75 Second Abhinna – Divine Ear
76 Third Abhinna – Mind-Penetrating Knowledge
77 Fourth Abhinna – Recalling Past Lives
78 Fifth Abhinna – Divine Eye
79 Sixth Abhinna – Extinction of Mental Intoxicants
80 Unclutched Mind
81 Catching Things Falling
82 Stopping Hiccups
83 Cloudy Head Dumb State
84 Three Dimensions to Two Dimensions
85 The Mind Stops Thinking – Flatline Mind
86 Missing Body Parts
87 Cold Water Showers are Fine
88 Where is Me?
89 Hyperawareness of Reality
90 Numb and Tingly Body
91 Reality Tilts
92 World Sparkling
93 Layers of Reality
94 Head Snaps Up Straight
95 World as Illusion Spiral Scene
96 Vern is Gone or Where did I Go?
97 Dreams Stop
98 Hiccups and Sneezing Fits Stop
99 You Can Heal People?
100 Total Control Over Anger, Sadness, Fear
101 The Power of Meditation to Change Your Life

Some of those are at least a little bizarre, aren’t they? I listed most of my major experiences, and gave links to where to find the rest of the big ones here on

I think some people will find it interesting! I hope it inspires people to start meditating.

The benefits of a meditation program are not all that well known. They are not all that easy to describe or to observe. There are hundreds of changes that go on over the course of years of meditation, but they are subtle usually.

I talk about some of the major benefits of a solid daily practice in the book and I think it will be really motivational!

Inside the book, to break it up a bit, I’ve added some watercolor art from a Thai artist I enjoy. It gives your eyes a break because any list of 100+ items can be a bit of a grind to get through!

Download the sample at Amazon and see if it’s something you might enjoy.

Thank you for your support!

With metta,


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