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Abhinna – Knowing Hearts and Minds

I wanted to go into it a bit about what exactly this Abhinna experience of ‘knowing people’ entailed. I do hope, by sharing, I can reach others that have had similar experiences that will write me to tell me their own stories.

Continuing from the “Abhinna Background” page.

It was somewhere around the 8th month of meditating when a special knowledge about people began to occur in me. I didn’t consciously bring it on. I didn’t have the slightest idea what it meant. I didn’t want it to happen. I didn’t know it was even a possibility of happening as a result of meditation.

It came anyway.

It was as if I was just going along the fast-track of meditation experiences, and so many changes happened to me within the first months and year of beginning to meditate on the breath. It was all a fascinating process, and yet, when it was going on – when it was actually happening – there wasn’t this big preoccupation with it. It was just as it was.

There was nothing so overwhelming about it that caused me to get so emotional and start telling all my friends and family.

I did share a couple things with my wife at the time, and she was more scared about the entire process than I was. She probably feared I was losing my mind. I didn’t know that I wasn’t either… It is quite a drastic change in the person that meditates and gets into Jhana frequently.

It’s a revolution inside… an overthrowing of the ego by the most subtle means. Before you know it – it’s gone. More about that in future videos.

So, the knowing of people came about gradually and first started to occur when I had come out of a meditation session where I was in the Jhanas a bit… I cannot remember whether I was in fourth Jhana every time or not, but I do remember coming out of particularly peaceful… powerful Jhana experiences where I still felt as if I was somewhat in an altered state of consciousness. The mind remained quite still and yet alert during these times.

I first noticed it with my wife… It was as if I could see inside to the real “i” inside her… We’d talk after I meditated sometimes, and she would share her day with me. I began to see the motivations of my wife. I began to see the real her that was operating inside her head.

It was crystal clear, this knowledge about her. It wasn’t something I could turn on or shut off – it just came as I spent time with her. It was as if my mind’s eye opened up and could see with lucid clarity – who she was and what her motivations were.

Sadly (now, not then – there was no emotional reaction at the time) the knowledge I had about my wife was not something I enjoyed at all. I began to see her as a person with some negative personality characteristics or, motivations.

She gossiped and spoke ill of people to me, and as she did there was no movement inside me – but I felt her pain. I wanted to help her to resolve the conflicts she was having with others, and inside her mind, but in that state, I could only respond with a few words of kindness, of truth, which she never ‘got’.

See, in that state, it was as if I was incapable of wrong speech and wrong action… just completely incapable. It seemed like it could not come out of me anymore. It was if I was white like the brightest sun, and without blemish. It wasn’t that I felt that way – that I felt different from other people. It wasn’t like a messiah complex – by any stretch of the imagination.

There was never a thought of being better than, or higher than, anyone else. Actually, it was quite a bit different than that… it was more a feeling that everything, everyone, every single person and thing we can interact with or see, think about, was all the same.

It was a feeling that, a knowledge that, we are all as one. There is no difference whatsoever in the underlying fabric of all that is. The feeling was that everything is interconnected – seamless. This idea of seamlessness has pervaded my mind since the first couple of Jhana experiences in 1998.

The world’s materials, objects, animals, people, feelings, emotions, thoughts and all of it – is seamlessly connected as one. A sort of seamless reality exists behind the scenes. We’re not privy to it, but we can come to see it once we stop the mind from its endless movement with thoughts and emotions.

When I was near other people and I had this pre-knowledge of them before even speaking to them, it was a feeling about the people… it was a feeling – good or bad… or selfish / unselfish, about that person’s motivations in what they were doing or saying, or about their personality.

It must sound bizarre to hear someone talk about it like this – and I realize that. I see it now – it’s a very strange or different thing to happen. Still, I have to share it because – it happened.

There must be many other people in the world this has happened to – or something similar. It is real – 100%, I cannot stress that any more than I already am by spending my time to create this site about it and make videos about the experiences.

You might find it interesting to read my personal background, and how I have never believed in anything but objective, scientific truth before my experiences with meditation. I was, and am, the most rational, logical person without superstitious beliefs, or beliefs in the supernatural – that you will ever meet.

However, when these changes started happening as a result of meditation – what can I do?

Something has to break. Reality has a new flavor now… and I can no longer speak definitively about the supernatural. There is, quite obviously to me now, another layer to reality that most human beings are not aware of. That’s so fascinating to me. Isn’t it to you as well?

How many people have you heard in the last five years talking about knowing people without having met them and talked to them in-depth? How many people have you heard talking about Jhana levels and the changes in the mind once the mind stops thinking?

Not that many, right?

There is a lot to say about the experiences, and i’ll say what I can here. I do hope so many people start sharing their stories too.

If you want more information about, or the information presented in a different way about knowing people and this special knowledge (abinna) that occurs, see the Abhinna video section here.

The most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had in my life were Jhana and Abhinna. Of these, Abhinna was by far the most impactful. See more about Abhinna on these pages:

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  1. My friend!!! I jave very similar experiences and the same perceptions and signs. It would be cool to to a zoom session and interchange our experiences. It is rare to find people that experience this things.

    My mail is (edited out)

  2. OK! I sent you email. It would be really nice to meet someone else having something like this. 😛

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