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Meditation Journal Entries (Chronological)

Over the years I kept journal entries about my meditation experiences because I noticed early on that there were some odd experiences. I’ll try to put the entries in the order below.

In October of 1997, I learned meditation from my wife’s father, a Buddhist Thai who lived in Illinois. He followed a very Buddhist dogma (of course), and I later decided to drop all Buddhism and just look at it as a physical/mental process, not a religious one.

Meditation Journal Entries

Pre-Meditation Experiences

  • Mindfulness – My First Journal Entry on the Topic – Aug. 25, 1995
  • Emotions, Spontaneous Mindfulness – 1995? This was my first spontaneous mindfulness or “at one with the world” experience in a swimming pool at my apartment complex one night as I was alone and it turned dark. This is what began my interest in the topic of meditation.
  • Body Dying Dream – sometime in 1997. This was another push to get me involved in meditation because it felt like it was some clue pushing me toward the experience of meditating. This happened in Carrollwood (Tampa) Florida.
  • Emotions, Spontaneous Mindfulness – end of 1997. While washing dishes after meditation. This was in Tampa, Florida.

Meditation Starts (1997-1998)

Post Meditation

Post Flat-Mind State (Thoughtless Mind State)

Meditation Experiences Timeline – April 21, 2008

The most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had in my life were Jhana and Abhinna. Of these, Abhinna was by far the most impactful. See more about Abhinna on these pages.

Abhinna Info and Experiences

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