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The Abhinna (Abhijna) Experiment

The Abhinna Phenomenon Experiment of 2019

Maybe best to start with this – What is Abhinna?

If you want an overview of my meditation, Jhana and Abhinna experience, I wrote an email to Sister Khema, a secretary for Bhante Vimalaramsi some years ago that details it quite nicely. Meditation overview here.

I’ve ignored the Abhinna experiences I had in the past because, honestly, I just didn’t know what to do with them. They were too mind-blowing, too paradigm-busting, for me to face alone. I say “alone” because I haven’t found anyone else talking about their own Abhinna experiences. Nobody.

I believe someone in the world is having these experiences, but apparently, nobody is talking about them, or I’m just not able to find anything on Abhinna experiments or Abhinna? experiences.

If you know someone who has had Abhinna experiences – please let me know, I’d love to start a conversation with someone about this topic.

Abhinna Experimental Hypothesis

I am finally going to face this head-on. My hypothesis is that Abhinna experiences are repeatable. I have ignored this phenomenon for years. Frankly, I was scared. I had nobody to talk to about it. Monks I spoke with didn’t get it. Friends and family surely think I’ve lost my mind as a result of meditation. I know that isn’t the case. I’m as solid psychologically as anyone I meet. More so, I’d say.

This is just a very bizarre (admittedly) phenomenon that sometimes occurs in people. I think most people must not be referring to it as “Abhinna or Abhijna,” terms I’ve researched often. They must be calling it something else, depending what beliefs they have.

Recently I watched another video about “remote viewing.” One of the pioneers in the field, Russell Targ, said that to start the remote viewing session they clear their minds of thought. They then pay attention to the pictures in the mind that pop-up. Apparently many people can do it. Even skeptics have been proven to be able to do it. These remote viewers never mention “abhinna” but it appears to be something similar or the same type of phenomenon occurring.

I’ve been considering experimenting with Jhana 4, the flat-mind state (thoughtless state), and Abhinna for years. I am not sure why I put it off, but I think it’s because I think it’s so profound, so world-changing, that it was too much for me to touch. I kept hoping to find someone talking about it online or in videos on YouTube so I could communicate back and forth with them. I have found nobody. It’s time to act.

Abhinna Experiment Goals

What am I hoping to do? I need to find the answers to the questions below, and eventually many more questions. Is this phenomenon connected to ESP / PSI abilities? Is it connected to a universal consciousness? Is it the same or similar to ‘remote viewing’? Is it related to quantum physics and the weirdness of the light wave vs. particle phenomenon? Is consciousness connected among all humans or even all living beings?

3 Main Questions to Answer about Abhinna

  1. Can any Abhinna experience occur again? Can I experience something like the Abhinnas from the past, or potentially a different qualitative Abhinna experience?
  2. Can the Abhinna experience be repeated if following the same game plan over and over?
  3. Can the ability to experience Abhinna be taught to others?

The Ultimate Question – Is Abhinna Real, and What Is It?

Once the above questions can be answered, there are many more roads to go down. Where does Abhinna come from? How does it work? Is it something that anyone can experience, or can only certain people with certain genetic or mental abilities have this occur? Are the experiences showing the absolute truth, or are they fallible? Can children have Abhinnas? Are dead people connected to us through consciousness?

Abhinna Experimental Design

  1. Repeat the environmental conditions and other variables present in the Abhinna #1 experience in which the soul of my unborn child appeared visually and mentally as I sat in a meditation session in 1998.
  2. Meditate for 20 minutes at least once per day and record video after each one to detail the experience and make it easier to repeat.
  3. Document all relevant and seemingly irrelevant experiences during and after meditation sessions.
  4. If Abhinna occurs, document extensively the extent of the experience, environmental variables – place, time, temperature, food eaten, mental state, the emotional state prior, heart rate, respiration rate, seating position, anything and everything that could possibly be related.
  5. Repeat, if possible.
  6. Demonstrate to others.
  7. Teach to others.

Links to Abhinna Experiment Videos:

The most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had in my life were Jhana and Abhinna. Of these, Abhinna was by far the most impactful. See more about Abhinna on these pages:

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