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What Is Jhana Meditation?

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[Page updated 22 May 2024]

Jhana is a range of experiences that occurs when the mind is well-concentrated on some small object of meditation (for most, the breath at the nostrils). The body is totally at peace without tension, pain, or even feeling the body at all in the later Jhanas.

Here is a video of what the state of mind is that comes after Jhana and after states of deep samadhi. Vern in the Flatline Mind State (video).

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A meditation coach can help you get back on track, or to define a track if you’re just beginning.

The mind is quiet, there is no extraneous thought going on. With the exception of the first couple Jhanas, there is no feeling of the body, no emotion.

The mind remains focused on the object of meditation very tightly until the focus is changed to the Jhana experience.

Jhana comes when you are not expecting it… wanting it, attached to the idea that it will, should, must, or better come. Jhana comes only when the mind has let go of all attachments for it, or for anything else.

The mind must be so calm and focused that nothing is produced by thought. If fear, hope, anxiety, or any other emotion about Jhana coming – is evident… Jhana remains elusive.

When Jhana does come, it is felt (by me) as a transformation of consciousness. It is as if the mind is washed over by this new experience and left with very little. It’s unlike anything I have ever known as a conscious non-Jhannic human being going through life.

When Jhana comes or starts – the senses of the body are no longer operating. Touch, sight, smell, hearing, tasting – they are paused or on hold. They do not interfere with, take away from – or add to the Jhana state.

They are absent or just unaccounted for… sensory stimulation through our normal channels doesn’t lead to the mind recognizing them.

Does Memory Function in Jhana?

Memory does work during Jhana – and after it leaves, you can sit down at the computer and write about your experiences if you so choose. Often times I couldn’t conjure up any ‘want’ ‘need’ or other motivation to do so for hours or days after the fact. Jhana seems to reprogram the mind for a while.

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