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Breath Slowing, and Mind Stopping – Video 3

This is the third video in the series covering various experiences that happen during meditation as you become concentrated and your mind slows down – and eventually – stops.

When the mind stops – many experiences begin. The experiences seem almost surreal or other-worldly at times. They are bizarre and sometimes even scary. It’s frightening to lose control or to give control away. This is part of the reason for creating these videos – to show you that these are normal experiences within the context of meditation – and you can go through them without any permanent harm or dysfunction. Sounds intense – right? They can be!

Video – Breath Slowing and Mind Stopping >


When you are meditating and you have a weird situation or experience in your mind you should know that there is very little or no chance at all of you damaging your mind. I have had hundreds of experiences that were seemingly paranormal or surreal and I have never had a permanent negative change result.

These experiences are always temporary. Even the one lasting change that resulted, it is temporary in that I can choose to live and act and work and be as Vern is, or I can choose to be in the perfectly quiet flat mind state.

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  1. Hello Vern,

    We cannot order the book from Amazon, India. Do you have any online version of it hosted somewhere where we can read it online?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Anand Jambhulkar

  2. Hello! Many people have ordered it in India, please try again!

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