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Divine Eye Abhinna Experiences | Anybody Have?

A painting at Wat Suan Mokkh forest temple in Chaiya, Suratthani, Thailand. Buddha handing out eyeballs - for knowledge, truth.

Something struck me the other week, and I forgot about it for a while. I just had the same experience though – so I’ll write it down. It’s gnawing at me a bit…

I wrote about and did videos about, some of my experiences with Abhinna. I even started because I couldn’t believe that so few people were talking about it. I have a couple guesses as to why that might be, which I’ll touch on shortly in this article.

Where are Other People Experiencing Abhinna?

I was searching Google again today, hoping to find other people with experiences of the divine eye, divine ear, or the other Abhinnas. I have yet to find anyone else’s personal account of the experiences they had with it.

That’s a wee bit bothering to me. It reminds me of the time I searched for years to find someone that could tell me what the experiences I had during meditation were… turns out that some were Jhana – written about in the Buddhist scriptures hundreds of years ago.

Many people knew about Jhana. Few wrote anything about having directly experienced them.

I’ve still yet to meet anyone that has had even 1st jhana… Of course, there have been many people that have – I just have yet to meet them, so, that’s not on my mind much.

However, when searching the internet, where Google has billions upon billions of pages indexed – and not being able to find something there about someone’s personal Abhinna experience – it’s quite odd. I’ll try other keywords later today, and see if that helps.

I think that might be part of the problem. Still, there should be something in English… there should be English speaking people that put something up online about it somewhere – right? Seems so. I searched Youtube too – nothing there.

Perhaps people are talking about it in different terms. I saw a few videos on the 3rd Eye Chakra that might be similar. I don’t know much about those beliefs though. I will have a look later.

Seems like Buddhism has enough followers and the texts are known well enough for someone to realize Abhinna when they have it – and be able to write about it or shoot a quick video about the experience.

So part of it might be that I’m just searching in a way that won’t show me people that have had Abhinna. That would be a positive answer to the question.

Is Anyone Else Having Abhinna?

The answer I fear is that people are not having Abhinna and are not writing or talking about their experiences because there just aren’t any of these experiences happening for them. That’s scary. It’s scary because, the experiences I had that seem to fit Abhinna – and that I detailed in the videos at, would make me unique… or nearly unique.

I don’t have any desire to BE that unique. I don’t want to know that I’m the only, or one of only very few people in the world having these experiences.

You know what they did to witches in Salem in the USA?


Not that someone will burn me at the stake, but still – there aren’t going to be masses of people that understand. Not at all. Maybe very few at all that would understand.

How’s that for a life experience… something you had occur has happened for nobody else, or only a handful of people… and they’re all dead hundreds of years ago? That’s plain scary. Sounds like a strange movie… or the beginning of a cult.

Worry not, family and friends, I have no intention of starting a cult, religion, or group. I tend toward the other side – introversion, and though I’d like to share my experiences so maybe I can connect with others of the same sort.

So it’s scary, or weird, or odd. Not that I sit here scared… but I sit here… uncomfortable. I guess that’s the best word. I sit here knowing that these experiences that appear to be outside a dimension that is usually known by humans – are absolutely real. They are attainable. At least they come… I’m not saying that one can go get them. One can make the mind prepared for them to come if they’re going to – I guess it is better to say.

I don’t worry about why they came to me… the why, I’m sure is inconsequential. It’s basically because I sat and meditated in a way that calmed the mind and stopped it for long periods of time. It’s basically because I did a simple exercise, that opened up this new channel of experience – encompassing Jhana, abinna, and other strange things not normally experienced.

I don’t have any doubt that millions of people can do the same thing. I do know that millions are not… and that’s a bit disturbing.

It’s disturbing because here is this amazing experience that so few are experiencing. I wonder what the world would be like if there were millions of people… a billion… experiencing Abhinna. What would the world look like?

I have been watching this ultra-runner’s videos at youtube quite a bit lately… his name is Michael Arnstein. He talks about ultra-running as a religious experience. He talks about it as his religion. He talks about things the mind goes through during a long 50, 100-mile race that are ultra-fulfilling. He talks about long runs as the ultimate experience he has ever known on earth.

The difference between his experience and mine is that mine is infinitely more easily attainable. So I think. So I have no reason not to think. How many people are going to run 50+ miles in their lifetimes? Nobody I know. Nobody I’ll ever know maybe.

How many have the ability, the patience, the drive, to sit down and watch the breath for 20 minutes per day for a few months, years, or decades? A whole lot more.

So, while sitting in meditation and focusing on the breath is a bit like ultra-running because it requires discipline and drive, and probably consistency… it is within most people’s or many people’s grasp. It is not a superhuman feat. It is not a feat that requires extreme intelligence or extreme anything.

It just takes a willingness to play the game of meditation – and win. You win when the mind slows down and then stops. This is when the experiences of Jhana – and other experiences, begin to happen.

Anyway… just wanted to write something about Abhinna and that I am looking for others that have experienced any of the Abhinnas.

Please write if you have any reason to do so…

4 thoughts on “Divine Eye Abhinna Experiences | Anybody Have?”

  1. Hi, I also had some experiences during because of meditation.
    It’s strange to talk with someone about these states, so I can understand you. I think many meditators simply don’t talk about it because they don’t want to share their spiritual experiences, maybe for fear of being considered mad. Even though I attained only 1st jhana, I became to feel very sensitive to people’s hearts and minds. I had some visions too, also of future events that eventually happened in my family. In a pair of meditation sessions I saw things from top view, like I was like floating in the air. I saw and met a tibetan monk with mind, even if I was alone in my room. I could see him and knowing what he wanted to tell me. In general, in the everyday life, I could see the world in a more clearly, detailed way. I think it’s just because when mind reaches stillnes, it can perceive reality in a broader way.
    Have a good day.

  2. Interesting, thanks for writing…

    I think too – the mind can perceive things in a different way when it is still. It doesn’t use memory, so it’s a fresh perception, or it registers each sense object and goes back to stillness. When the mind stops it also starts the intense experiences that most never see – or even know about. 🙂

  3. Hey! I am so glad you created this site! I just had an amazing meditation today where I saw this brilliant green eye looking directly into my being. It was so incredible, so I’ve been trying to see if others had a similar experience. While meditating in the past and using tuning forks, (the code of healing: Elements of the Universe) I’ve also seen what I believe to be an alien or some other being that is nonhuman. It had purple/brown scales and bright green eyes… it had an angular head and muscular body similar to a human. I’ve also seen incredible UFO’s…one time, a star fell from the sky and hovered 50 feet in the air a block away from me and a friend. The experiences were incredible…but Im not sure why I am seeing all these amazing things. I know i sound ridiculous… Im just glad other people are experiencing these things too. Good luck on your journey! 🙂

  4. Sounds like an interesting life! I don’t know how much of that is related to meditation. I don’t claim to be the authority though! Good luck to you…

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