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Meditation Coaching – What To Expect

Woman meditating at sunset at night looking at mountains.

My meditation coaching calls have been picking up considerably and though there haven’t been any unmet expectations yet, it probably won’t hurt to let you know what to expect and not expect during a call. 🙂 My Meditation Coaching Sessions You should know… I’m not Buddhist. I’m not Hindu. I don’t follow any religion. I’m … Read more

Custom Meditation Retreat in Thailand? (A Possibility)

Woman meditating at sunset at night looking at mountains.

So, I’ve been thinking today about how you can come to Thailand on vacation and enjoy a meditation retreat that is custom-made for you. This is just something I’ve been thinking about today and I want to get my thoughts out of my head to see if this might make some sense to pursue this … Read more

Recommended Thailand Meditation Retreats

A monk's kuti (hut) for living at Wat Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, Thailand.

There are several meditation retreats offered in Thailand, here are some of the more well-established retreat locations where you will likely have a good experience. If you’d like to know more about a self-guided (custom) retreat option, just let us know. Here is a list of all Thailand Meditation Retreats > Thailand Meditation Retreats Wat … Read more

Meditation Tips for Advanced Students

Divine eye abhinna transmission from Buddha to meditators at Suan Mokkh temple in Chaiya, Surat Thani, Southern Thailand.

This is part of a collection of Meditation Tips. Here are more > There are several things advanced meditation students are doing that are impeding their progress. Assuming you want to progress quickly through the stages of meditation and see some tangible benefit to your practice, you are always looking for new ways to go … Read more

Clarification of Often-used Meditation Terms

Meditator experiencing jhana or flows of energy.

In this article we’ll cover some meditation terms and their definition, or at least how artificial intelligence ChatGPT defines them. Many people use meditation terms without really understanding what they’re talking about. Us included! We’ve actually never looked up meditation terms before online. This will be interesting. What is Meditation on the Breath? The process … Read more

Meditation Catch-22

Meditation Catch-22 – Don’t Want the Experiences I was lucky when I began meditating. I didn’t have any illusion about what states I might reach, what levels. I didn’t study any of that, because I just couldn’t have cared less at the time I started meditation. To me, meditation was just an attempt at relaxation … Read more

Can Meditation Help Relieve Pain? Chronic Pain?

This is an email I sent to a reader requesting some information about whether my meditation books would be good to help him with some pain he was having. He didn’t mention whether the pain was chronic, but I addressed that in this note. Meditation for pain relief is a long-term solution, but won’t provide … Read more