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Some Basic Meditation Experiences – Video 1

This first video, in the series of meditation experience videos, touches on a lot of things that beginning meditators might find interesting. If you are new at meditating, you probably have a lot of questions about what you’re doing. I hope to answer some of them, just based on my experience of sitting and focusing … Read more

Comments on No Thought State of Yesterday

This is part of my Meditation Journal where you can find dozens of more posts like this. Journal Date: 8-31-07 Comments on the process from yesterday. I added a lot more here that I forgot to say during yesterday’s video. I don’t think I described the physical feeling very well yesterday, at least I wasn’t … Read more

A Meditation Poem

Endless Mind… Let me sit a while body mass dissipates leaves sponge-like empty form fingers, arms & legs all gone breath slows to stop a perfect stillness all in motion a death-like moment of lucid awareness faint dog barking is self whole room breathing self-too mind not ending no confines of body of life It’s … Read more

Fatness Feeling Video

This is part of my Meditation Journal where you can find dozens of more posts like this. Journal Date: 8-21-07 Fatness: A feeling as if the body increases in size, its borders growing. First, there is a recap of yesterday’s “unlinked” feeling that maybe describes it better (for viewers) than yesterday’s audio/video. This state has … Read more

Unlinked Mind (Meditation Journal)

Journal Date: 8-20-07 Thought stopped and mind unlinked. Could not understand simple objects. This video and audio is kind of funny as I filmed while it was happening. I am quite out of normal functioning. It almost appears to be like signs of an impending stroke – but, I couldn’t have been more relaxed prior … Read more

Changing States of Consciousness While Meditating (Meditation Journal)

This is part of my Meditation Journal with dozens of posts > Meditation Journal Entry from 1998 Mind Shift. Conscious Dimension Shift. Sitting in the reclining chair with my feet up on my desk I was mindful of breath for 15 minutes while fern showered. I settled down in about 10 minutes and started to … Read more