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What Is Thought?

Vern in a what is thought "The Thinker" pose.

As you’re sitting there thinking – do you even know what’s taking place? Probably you don’t. Me neither. There are so few people that have really looked at thought and tried to learn about it. Yet, our thoughts are flying around in our mind 16 hours everyday in a waking state, and another 8 hours … Read more

Early Meditation Session

4/14/96 I’ve made a commitment to dedicate some time to meditation a few times per week for an hour or however much time I have to do so.  I just finished an hour session. I was able to stay focused on my breathing and on my own thoughts.  Outside noises didn’t interfere much at all … Read more

Meditation Coaching – What To Expect

Woman meditating at sunset at night looking at mountains.

My meditation coaching calls have been picking up considerably and though there haven’t been any unmet expectations yet, it probably won’t hurt to let you know what to expect and not expect during a call. 🙂 My Meditation Coaching Sessions You should know… I’m not Buddhist. I’m not Hindu. I don’t follow any religion. I’m … Read more