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Online 1-Hour Meditation Coaching Service from Thailand (2024)

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Sawatdee Krup! (Thai for hello…) Can You Benefit from a 1-Hour Meditation Coaching Session? Meditation Problems? Everyone begins their meditation practice with a good idea of what they will do. Over time, it slowly fades – doesn’t it? This happens to everyone. It happened to me too. Because I was self-guided, I always wondered whether … Read more

Are You On the Right Path in Meditation? (What Helps & Doesn’t)

What helps and what doesn't help for meditation practice?

If you’re wondering whether you’re on the right path. If you’re wondering whether you need to move to Thailand or anywhere in the world and join a Buddhist temple to help with your meditation, watch this video. What Helps and What Doesn’t Help in Meditation? (video) I talk about whether moving somewhere else or joining … Read more

A Quiet Place for Meditation in Thailand

I think there must be many people that are looking for a quiet place to meditate in Thailand – but they have no interest in attending a 10 day silent retreat, or any other guided retreat. These are most likely to be advanced meditators from various schools of meditation who are at a loss where … Read more